Let us utilize our space to educate!

We currently don't have any formal learning events on our upcoming calendar; however, we are excited to host another event soon. Feel free to send us an email at contact@wilderland.org.nz if you are interesting in hosting. You can also stay engaged via our Facebook Page.

Permaculture Design at Wilderland 2016

This year, we were thrilled to have offered the opportunity to study permaculture design at our beautiful organic farm. The course was run by Trish Allen and Daniel Tohill, two of New Zealand's top permaculture professionals and included:

-Landscape Design
-Permaculture Principles
-Earth Building
-Climate Models
-Soil Health and Fertilisers
-Passive Solar Design
-Orchard Design and Management
-Energy Descent

2016 Permaculture Design Students


 Academic Partnerships

Wilderland is a wonderful learnscape for university and polytechnic students studying in sustainable development, environmental science, organic horticulture, sustainable agriculture, apiary management or community development.


2012 GVSU Exchange Students
2012 GVSU Exchange Students

Professor Heather Van Wormer from Grand Valley State University in Michigan USA has brought her anthropology students to Wilderland three years running. In 2012 a three minute film was made which explores their experiences, and how it impacted the way they see the world and their place in it. You can watch it here.


Wilderland is a functional community and collectively managed, certified organic farm with extensive orchards, gardens and beehives, providing students with hands-on experience that is impossible to impart in the class-room environment. Learning is interactive and practical.


If you'd like to bring your students to Wilderland, either for a day's field trip, extended stay or semester-long program, contact our Education Coordinator. We can work together to develop a program of workshops and activities that suits your needs.




To hear from some of our many visitors check out our three minute film 'The Wilderland Experience'.

  • ‘Wilderland is a unique community. It feels accessible and nourishing to those interested in pursuing an alternative lifestyle, which I believe is a great gift.’ Beth, New Zealand
  • ‘From the moment I arrived I have been learning non-stop… I've seen amazing positive changes in my peers since our arrival. This is the most incredible learning opportunity I’ve ever been given…’ Jessie, USA
  • ‘A very loving and engaged group of able bodied, able minded people with common values living well on the land. And enjoying it a lot!’ Erin, New Zealand
  • ‘All those who find their way here are so wonderfully diverse… and yet, each person seems to have found their way to this magical place for the same reason. Each individual is searching… looking for meaning and purpose... [It’s left] me feeling more confident, and happier than I have for many years.’ Vikki, Australia
  • ‘The ideas and meaning this place holds is very unique... The knowledge I’ve gained not only about sustainability and the environment but myself and the community as a whole is something very few people will ever be able to experience and appreciate… Wilderland has given me tools and ideas I can spread at home to better my personal lifestyle and community.’ Roxy, USA
  • ‘There's not many other places where a visitor to the region can find such a warm and personal welcome by a small community - even hugs are in good supply. You need to book ahead because it's very popular.’ Paul, New Zealand
  • ‘Living and learning at Wilderland has shown me a way of living that I once thought was only a theory to be read about in textbooks and preached in lecture halls. The hands-on, real world applications of a sustainable lifestyle are demonstrated everyday by those who call Wilderland home.’ Spencer, USA
  • ‘Wilderland is the Garden of Eden… Send your friends and your children there for a life changing experience better than any other course...’ Annette, New Zealand
  • ‘Stronger bonds and deeper lessons are learned here than can ever be taught in a classroom.’ Kayla, USA
  • ‘The list of practical agricultural knowledge to learn here is vast...’ Nick, USA
  • ‘I have felt so privileged to be under the incredible guidance of some extraordinary people. Sustainability is working so well here... It has been an invaluable learning experience for me.’ Lucinda, Australia
  • ‘The farm is indescribable, too wonderful for words… it is a place where people of international background can come together to learn from each other and live in a wonderful, beautiful environment…’ Lisa, USA
  • ‘It’s truly amazing how much can be taken from here, as well as left, in a sense of growing individually and as a group.’ Bree, USA


Please feel free to leave your own feedback on your time at Wilderland.