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The Experience

Wilderland, 158 acres for visitors to relax or work. Step into the wild and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life at Wilderland.
Our unique, off-grid dwellings are nestled amidst New Zealand's breathtaking scenery and offer a peaceful, rustic getaway. We are a unique experimental living and learning educational trust and organic community, 15km south of Whitianga, Coromandel.

We prioritise long term visitors of 3 months or more, with scope to get involved in the projects here, start your own, or simply just to be. 

Price per day: $15 per person
Price per week: $90 per person

Price per day: $25 per person
Price per week: $125 per person

These accommodations have no heating or cooking facilities. As such you are welcome to use the communal kitchen, and invited to join for communal meals.


Price per week: $250

Double bed
Great view
Cooking facilities

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Price per week: $300

Double bed
Gas heated water
Cooking facilities
Wired internet

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Price per week: $130

Cooking facilities

Rate per week: $130

Diesel heater
Cooking facilities

Visitor Information

All prices shown are per single person.

- All tent and accommodations without cooking facilities include lunch on days communal lunch is being prepared.
- All cabins fitted with solar power and cooking capabilities
- All cabins with double bed
- Add an extra person for an additional $50 per week in homes and cabins.
- Use of yoga yurt (booking required)
- Use of office space

Wilderland Life
You are welcome to join in, socialise, and be a part of our community. Students will be working around you. We do a 9am check in, work until 1pm lunch, then self-directed work and play in the afternoon. You are free and welcome to get involved with prior check-in with coordinators!

Minimise waste
Please do not bring in single use plastics. We are near to the town of Whitianga if you need essential supplies. However, we aim to be self reliant and minimise fuel use. 

Drugs and alcohol policy
There is a no drugs & alcohol policy in shared spaces. People come here for self-betterment, to get away from addiction. Wilderland was founded as a safe space for all people. Longer-term stays have a moderation use policy in their own spaces.

We minimise the use of chemicals. That means only eco soaps, no bleaches, solvents or chemicals that can harm the land.

For those with bee sting allergies please be aware there are bees working on site. However, these are the famously chilled out Italian bee who don't tend to sting. There are also mosquitos, they favour some areas more than others, please inform us if you are reactive so we can accommodate you.  

There are upwards of 10 people at Wilderland at any one time. Situations WILL arise that will make you uncomfortable and lead to conflict. Bottling things up and giving the silent treatment leads only to further discourse. See issues as a chance for development and learning. We are trying to create a culture of openness and honesty. Mediation meetings can be arranged on request, there are also weekly community meetings to address any growing tensions.

Thinking of Staying Long Term?

We are actively looking for long term participants. while we welcome short stays it takes at least a few months to really get to grips with how we operate. For more information get in touch at

Options for Business

Want to run a market garden? Have a small eco business? Host workshops?

Get in touch to discuss further


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