Our rustic accommodations, range from hand built buildings, to caravans, to a simple tent. You are asked to take care of your accommodation, garden maintenance and small fixes are encouraged. Any additions or personalisations are welcomed too! Leave your mark! Paint your walls, build a shelf or grow a herb garden!

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The Hall

Where you will spent most of your time. Our shelves are overflowing with books (literally), there are fresh eggs stocked from the chicken house, there's drums, guitars and and piano.

 Skills you'll learn:

  • Using a wood fired oven
  • Cooking for 10+ people
  • Using ingredients from the garden
  • Dehydrating fruits and teas

The Garden

The Hall Garden is always full of veggies and herbs planted by you! You can go in and take any plant at any time for your cooking. If you're on the gardening team you will learn planting, weeding, and keeping the damn chickens out.

Spring Water

Our water is collected from a naturally filtered spring. Water is piped to storage vats and pumped around the whole of Wilderland. Wanna know how an entire 64 hectare farm can be sustained from 1 spring? Join the buildings and maintenance team.

Compost Toilets

You'll soon learn about 'Humanure' and its role in Wilderland. Everything ethical and nothing wasted! Why pump human waste into vats to be bleached of minerals and pumped into the ocean? Human waste is full of nitrogen and when mixed with a carbon material like wood chip, it produces high quality compost. The wood chips also neutralise the smell fyi ;)


Our independently built space for events, workshops, healing and more. Promoting our organic mentalities this was built from wood we collected and combines many volunteers work.

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