Study or Intern with us

What does it mean to study with us?

Leaning into challenges!
Learning means making mistakes, it means being out of your comfort zone and embracing discomfort. Nowhere is that more true than Wilderland. Unpredictable weather, unusual foods, limited power, shared living spaces, diverse and potentially triggering personalities, rural (more socially isolated) living, hard physical work, irregular rhythms.. All these adjustments are not easy, but the bigger the struggle the bigger the reward. Lean into these challenges, and let them become opportunities to grow.

Weaving inner and outer work
At Wilderland you are encouraged to work on both yourself and the land. We balance practical work with regular sharing and 'check-ins', to explore how we are feeling and encourage self-expression in a safe environment. 

Physical work!
"We need firewood chopped, to cook meals, to have the energy, to make compost, to grow trees, to harvest fruit, to make preserves, to get cash, to buy internet, to update our website, so you can read this, so you can come and join us, and have lots of fun working hard and cooling off by swimming, and then eating and relaxing and playing games and getting stronger and learning loads of cool skills every day!" 

Driving your own learning
Wilderland is not a traditional educational system! Do not expect to be taught by having things explained, then doing theoretical work. It is on YOU to learn how you learn, you get out what you put in. Observe, ask questions, get help, MAKE MISTAKES, research, experiment, give it go! The place is full of people to ask and interact with. There is no grade system, pass or fail, just learning and growth. Some things might be a real struggle, other things you will be able to teach us!

NOT another WWOOFing experience
We ask for more because we give more. The work you do is helping to trial and develop alternative ways of living on the land and with each other that are essential to a livable future. We are dedicated to creating a culture of care, learning and personal development in everything we do. There is a strictly enforced zero tolerance drug policy. People come here for self betterment, to get way from alcohol or addiction. Wilderland was founded as a safe space for all people.

How to Apply

Firstly, join our community fb group, read our volunteer handbook  and also check out our update of the current situation at Wilderland, to get as accurate as possible a feel for life at Wilderland. 

Then, if you like what you see, please apply.

Finally, once we receive your application, we’ll carefully consider it, then we’ll get in touch and if successful, finalise details with you.

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us for more info.

Learning Opportunities

Inner & Relational Resilience

Chainsaws and tree pruning


Teas, Ointments & Balms

Crafts & Sign Making

Bee Keeping

Harvesting & Preserving

Buildings & Maintenance


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