The People of Wilderland

At any given time we'll have a combination of students, interns and short term visitors.
This makes Wilderland the ever-evolving family it is!

Our Leadership Team

Ready for a challenge? 

Join the Team

We're rebuilding, and looking for help!

Leading an organisation as unique as Wilderland takes a special kind of person.

You need to be:

  • Tenacious, patient & brave

  • Flexible & strong, both physically and emotionally

  • Comfortable to disagree and be disagreed with - our differences are our strengths!

We are still in the process of building a more resilient, sustainable model of operation.
We are looking for people who are comfortable working with little, to build up.

If you think you have the skills to help, or want to learn more, please drop us an email
linked below.


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