Established in 1964, Wilderland is one of New Zealand's longest-serving organic farms & sustainability focused learning centres.

So What Do You Do?

Our mission is to create a place for people to grow. We focus heavily on inner work using different communication methods, and promote social growth through community activities. We develop students to be stronger individuals by encouraging self directed learning. Our daily tasks regard building permaculture systems, producing organic goods for the shop, and developing a mindful culture.

Our actions are born from care. Countless people have come out of Wilderland with positive change, we want to pay that goodness forward. Wilderland was founded as a place for people to eat healthy, we extend that to work healthy, communicate healthy, and leave behind a healthy planet. 

Wilderland has stood since 1964 as a centre for innovation, learning and healing. We continue that legacy. 

Values & Culture

We value care.
We believe all actions are fundamentally born from care. People always want 'whats best' and that leads to friction, arguments, and criticism. We educate to see past the ego and meet people where they are. We care for people with education, we care for the land with permaculture, and we care for well-being with open dialogue. We accept people of all creeds cultures and faiths.

Our culture:
We live holistically. That means listening to our inner voice, caring for land and structures, and minimising waste. We encourage a present and open culture, hosting regular community sharing meetings. We lean into challenges, from personal disputes to vehicle issues, we explore these challenges to find the root. We strive to be with nature, not outside or above it.

Our Organisation

Wilderland Educational Trust is governed by our board members, and managed by our on site Leadership Team.

The Leadership Team are responsible for the day to day operations of the centre, including managing our shop & markets, short term visitors, current projects, students & interns, other staff, and maintaining infrastructure.

On the land, we live, learn and work together with students in an intern/apprentice type model. Together we develop our organic farm, community living skills and learning environment.

It is also important to acknowledge our wider community of supporters locally and globally, who are essential to ongoing success. Whether it be those who have lived and worked here before us, those who donate, those who buy our products or those who spread the word about us to their friends, they are all an essential part of who we are.


I. The Birth

Wilderland was founded in 1964 by Dan and Edith Hansen.
"We just wanted a place to be healthy and eat organic food"

II. The Community

Dan and Edith opened the doors to the public to help develop the land. Soon there were upwards of 30 people at any one time. Many staying as long as 40 years.

III. The Fire

In 2017 a bushfire hit Wilderland, destroying housing, bee hives, water tanks and crops. The stress on the remaining residents caused most to leave.

IV. The Now

A team of new managers are growing Wilderland into an innovative learning environment. Shifting the focus to education and self betterment.

Find Us in the Coromandel


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