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Welcome to the world of Flint and Fern. Set a hundred years into the future, almost unrecognisable to us, this is the first story in an Epic Fantasy series that follows the adventures and learning of a group of young people. This story aims to be entertaining yet thought-provoking, hoping to strike a chord with teenagers who are often out of sync with current adult thinking.

"The book takes you on a journey to another world, one which we could all be living in if we didn't love 'things' so much and look after the environment and ourselves! It's a book about coming of age, where a brother and sister head out to make their way in the world and find their purpose. Great read."

"I very much enjoyed reading a book which is set in a utopian future rather than a dystopian future, especially since sometimes it feels like we are already in the dystopian future. But what if we got it right? Took action on climate change and moved away from consumerism?"

New Zealands first Stone Paper Book!
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