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Super respiratory tonic
Kūmarahou (Pomaderris kumeraho) is one of the best respiratory herbs and all round detoxifying tonic. This plant is endemic (native and exclusive to) New Zealand!

Used for strengthening the lungs and respiratory system - it works by reducing mucous production and encouraging mucous expulsion. Kūmarahou improves elimination of toxins from the body, especially in the kidneys, therefore is suitable for all skin conditions and can help with arthritis & rheumatism, or as an after-excercise tonic. 

Medicinal uses of Kūmarahou

  • Constipation & indigestion
  • acne
  • eczema
  • colds and flu
  • bronchitis
  • coughs
  • psoriasis
  • arthritis.

Drink 2 cups daily for 3-4 weeks prior to onset of hayfever season.

Hand picked at Wilderland!
This herb is wild-harvested from our property on the Coromandel Pensinsula. Wild harvested means we take what we need and no more, so the plants stay natural and healthy. Our property has been organic for over 50 years.

DO NOT use if stomach ulcers, heartburn or reflux are present.
Ingredients: Organic Kūmarahou leaves.
NET 25g

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